Tuesday, 12 February 2013

L Theanine to give you extensive relaxation

A mental and physical being is fatally affected due to excess stress. This can reduce self esteem, reduce interpersonal qualities thereby creating a situation of self blame and self doubt. Everyone gets affected due to stress in various ways. One should be careful about the various stress signs they develop. Stress is visible through thoughts, feelings, psychological behavior and so on. Use L theanine to relax yourself completely. 
You criticize yourself, getting forgetful, unable to concentrate, fear, embarrassment, moody, headache, pain in neck or back, dry mouth are common stress signs.  Stress is an inevitable part of our lives which is difficult to eliminate. Managing family, juggling work, children, friends, society and lot of other things lead to stress. Stress is not restricted with age. Anyone can have it.
In today’s busy world we hardly get full eight hours of sleep. Several researches have shown that L-theanine can give you a good sleep. It actually improves a person’s temper, enhances concentration as well as reduces stress. It also has the ability to strengthen the immune system as it can activate the disease -fighting power of gamma delta T cells. Various researches have proved that people taking theanine show a better alpha wave activity. This is an activity present in human body when he is not stressed but alert.  

It has been discovered that tea leaves consist of an amino acid called L-theanine which has a good relaxing effect. This amino acid is also fruitful in eradicating anxiety as well as stress without any harm to the user.  You would be in a relaxed condition thereby producing other amino acids like GABA, dopamine and tryptophan. Generally physicians advice a dose of this as one capsule per day which would yield more dopamine. This would give a feeling of extensive relaxation.
Theanine has proved to be beneficial for cancer treatments especially for those undertaking chemotherapy.  It basically concentrates the chemotherapy drugs around unhealthy ones as well as reduces in those which are healthy. Due to the calming effect of this the side effects of chemotherapy is less felt.
L-Theanine  benefits also expand to the vascular system. It also helps to lower blood pressure in individuals who have high blood pressure. It does not influence normal blood pressure. L-Theanine crossesthe blood brain barrier in order to increase vigilance as well as arouse production of neurons and dopamine. It strengthens the immune system as well as have an overall impact on heart’s health.  

Apparently it just has a few drawbacks. Particularly in case of pregnant women, individuals with various health complications and children should always take advice of doctors before talking any supplements. Theanine also benefits the cholesterol levels. It helps in LDL concentrations to remain standard instead of undertaking an oxidation. In simple words good cholesterol is balanced with bad cholesterol. In short, it means keeping good cholesterol in balance with bad cholesterol.

Benfotiamine is also a thiamine required for the body. At times both of these are recommended by the doctor simultaneously.

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