Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How can CoQ 10 vitamin be beneficial to you?

What is CoQ 10 vitamin? Is it beneficial to our health? However keep yourself informed about its value to the body. Every human body cell’s mitochondria contain CoQ10. This is also known by the other name Ubiquinol. This means "all over" which indicates the complete presence of this vitamin in the body. 

So what are the functions of this vitamin in the human body? It basically helps in the transforming of food energy into energy which is used by the body in order to perform major functions. Approximately 95% of the body’s energy supply is transformed with the help of this particular vitamin like substance.  Organs like heart and liver have highest concentration level of this substance as they require energy the most. The other body parts that require high energy include muscles, brain and legs. This is basically an anti oxidant which is also used as a supplement in the diet. This is primarily used to boost energy levels in the body.
It is also known for supporting the major organ- the human heart in the following manner:
The supplements act as work as a protective agent for the heart.
It is believed by the scientists that it can repair the damaged heart as well as support healthy functions of heart.
These supplements are also used a widely used as a concrete measure so as to safeguard against disorders of the heart.
It regulates blood pressure
It is also known to support skin health, performance of the brain performance, vision, oral health as well as gives immunity. 

This fact cannot be ignored that COQ10 vitamin supports the basic bio energetic function of the heart. It has also been noted that people who have bad cholesterol suffer from low concentrated levels of this as the medication itself reduces its level. These supplements are required in order to compensate for the body’s need of this vitamin.
This is manufactured by the body till one age till twenty. After this the amount manufactured is reduced. When you get older you tend to suffer from the low levels of this. Other factors that reduce the level include use of pain killers. 
There are several manufacturers selling both Coq10 vitamin and MSM supplement. With the physician’s advice you should include this in your diet. 

Though this is not a vitamin in the strict sense of the term it is a substance like vitamin which is required in minimal amounts in order to keep the body functioning well. You should go for one that would provide you the required amount of supplements with no other side effects.

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